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Why Another Small Business Marketing Blog?

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Many small businesses struggle with various aspects of marketing, e.g. determining their target market niche, deciding which marketing activities to pursue, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough specific advice about how to work through these obstacles — inexpensively.

The heart of the business plan is arguably the marketing plan, since you have to figure out how to sell your products and/or services to make money in order to stay in business. In turn, the heart of the marketing plan is market research, i.e. how does the small business determine the changing needs of their target market on an ongoing basis — inexpensively. This is critical because the small business owner typically needs to address how to stretch their budget dollars as far as possible while they are figuring these things out.

My mission is to demonstrate how, using no-cost or low-cost methods, the traditional marketing path can be quickly tweaked to the unique needs of each small business owner.